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Our mission is to simply be the best in every area of our business, by providing exceptional customer experience, supporting our community, all while working together as one.


Engineering your dreams with us.

Maven Construction Group was formed in 2019, when co-owner Gary Mings decided to branch out and start up a business of his own. After several years of operating and performing general contract work for other companies, Gary and his wife Marla began Maven Construction Group. With a strong team beside them, Maven Construction Group has proven itself as a company with strong integrity and amazing working relationships.

Gary is a well-established Hawaii Resident with 20 years of construction background. A graduate of Gonzaga University (2006) with a degree in international business, he prides himself on ethical and moral business standards. Gary also has an extensive background in real estate and property management and helped to build several successful businesses. He has managed and renovated over 1000 rental units and continues to keep them in his portfolio today.

Marla graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in the area of Finance. Prior to joining Maven Construction Group, Marla was the sole owner and operator of a Maui-based business for 14 years. She managed all aspects of her business, including purchasing, daily operations, supervising staff, and daily bookkeeping.


"Maven Construction Group did several remodeling projects on our home and we are very pleased with the outcome. We're impressed by the knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by the staff. What was amazing is that, Gary, the general contractor was frequently on site to monitor the work in progress, responded quickly to our concerns, and always informed us of the daily scheduling. We highly recommend this company for a job well done!"

Greg & Diane Paresa




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We are a design-build contractor licensed in Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon. We can assist in jobs of all sizes, working with homeowners and developers alike.


Hawaii Phone/Fax: 808.868.3038
WA/OR Phone: 360.949.3766
Design Partner: Freestyle Designs
Architect: CWA Ventures, LLC